One of the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of farming is getting to know the people who eat the wonderful food we grow. From the very beginning, the heart of our operation focused on developing a Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA)

CSA 2016 Contract  | CSA Policy (CSA)


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CSA creates a direct relationship between you and our farm – a partnership, if you will. In essence, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where in exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm’s harvest, we commit to grow exceptionally high quality vegetables, herbs and fruit, and deliver a bountiful portion of it to you every week of the season. Become a member of our CSA program and every week from March to December you will receive a share of fresh, organically grown, in season produce delivered to a convenient location in your neighborhood or ready for pick up at the farm. We are located 55 miles north of Los Angeles and 7 miles from the coast which creates a Mediterranean type climate for growing year round. With this tremendous advantage, our goal is to grow as many things as possible in a season. We grow everything from strawberries and baby vegetables to legumes and flowers. This is not only attractive to our customers, but it is also advantageous to our sustainable growing methods of crop diversity and rotation.

This direct partnership between consumer and farmer is beneficial for everyone. Your produce is fresher and it is organically grown. This means it is healthier for you, for the agriculture workers/growers, and the environment. We take great pride in supplying our customers with the freshest organic fruits and vegetables available. Most all of our products are picked the same day they are delivered and nothing is ever over 24 hours old. We strongly encourage you to visit our farm and look forward to doing business with you.